About Envirosport:

Sports keep us happy. They keep us active and social and build many types of skills.

The Earth gives us a home, a venue for a wide world of sports (among other things).

Sports play a crucial role in personal sustainability and a healthy environment allows for us to continue to enjoy the sports we love. A runner (or anyone) will not fare well breathing polluted air as a surfer cannot enjoy the waves in polluted water. Just as many countries and cities have recognized environmental health as a priority, sports leagues and manufacturers as well as individual athletes must make a commitment to environmental sustainability.

This blog strives to unite the spheres of sports and sustainability by bringing readers stories, profiles, news articles and other resources regarding the dedication of athletes, leagues and athletic companies from a variety of sports to a healthy environment.

About the Author:

I am a recent college graduate living in Santa Cruz, California that has been practicing tennis for 15 years and trying many other sports in between. I love and appreciate what sports have done for me growing up and how they keep me happy (and sane!) during a work week.  I also like to cook, play music with friends and read quality fiction. I can be reached at jmdaniel89@gmail.com.


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