Eco Touring: Bike and Skate Across USA

Travelling cross country via a bicycle or skateboard certainly gives new meaning to eco-tourism! Two sports which propel its players forward with speed and grace are also being commandeered to journey farther than ever before. Biking across America has several
established organizations dedicated to publicizing safe cross country endeavors and raising funds for charitable causes. One of my own friends is just finishing her own two wheel voyage and did a wonderful job documenting the ride!

On the other hand, Skate Across USA was a recent discovery for me. At the beginning of this month, I learned that several of my own friends were embarking on a skating expedition of their own on September 2nd from Santa Cruz, California to San Diego, California. I was thrilled to learn that there was already an organization devoted to promoting safe skate tours and raising funds for great causes! Furthermore, Skate Across USA has already completed a successful trip from California to New York.

Obviously, safety is of the highest priority in both means of travel and hitting the road with the right gear (helmets and gloves) will make your adventure go much smoother. Fitness level is another factor in both modes as well; you wouldn’t want to leave home completely unprepared for the demanding journey and turn around after day one. However, only minimal experience biking or skateboarding is required and the sheer amount of practice you get within the first few hours of traveling will immediately improve your skills.

Mastering a sport, exploring new territories, helping charitable causes all while riding on man powered machines? Now that’s something to write home about.

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  1. Yusef Graves

    Awesome blog Jay!Thanks for the shout out man! -Skateacrossusa

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