Waste to Waves

As a sport that depends on clean oceans for its survival, surfing seems like the perfect candidate for a green sport. I was really blown
away to hear about such a successful trash to treasure system come about. Waste to waves is a Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) recycling program through Sustainable Surf where anyone in possession of Styrofoam can simply drop it off at collection centers, usually found in coastal surfing cities. The material is then processed and used to generate new surfboards, finally putting all that Styrofoam packaging to good use! I am so thrilled to hear that a material which is so difficult for resource recovery centers to manage is now being used like this and now I can’t wait to pick up my first recycled foam board. Any sport born from the waves is bound to clean up its act and this certainly won’t be the last post you will get about surfing.


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